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If you who are interested in this subject you can join .you can get any information from here that will be your idea grow technic

Group Founder: green14
Description: Only economics student and economist know whats the world going on.If you want know to know about economical situation of the world and your country .You are welcome this group.inform up & take information which you need.
Group Type: Public join
Members: 19
Category: Business, Work, and School > Financial

Topics (3)

go power of leverage (0) vicoo
we can leverage from people who had made it in life and create fortune for ourselves. I can give ideas on how to do that

go Bangladeshi economich developing rat (1) green14
Bangladesh is improving day by day.if it unemployment problem be bangladesh need proper work space.

go Poor country (1) green14
Why you not like poor country

Polls (1)

go Why man love to girl
go Who is most favour in your life.